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How to want to start Pilates? What should be your motivation?

The first thing to do is change your approach to sport. When you practice regularly Pilates, your perception of the fitness world easily change and you will change your approach.
The method takes work, it is gratifying energizing and revitalizing.
As well, visualize your training as a special time, a bit like a bath or a massage.
The opportunity to escape mentally from the exterior life to focus on your inner wellbeing, a break beneficial to everyday life. At the beginning of each session, tell yourself; 
I'll just lie down, stretching, breathing deeply and say hello to my body!

How does a group session of Pilates work?

Equipped with a personal mat, comfortable clothing, socks or bare-footed.
Teaching proceeds as follows. Early in the session, whatever the level, we warm up the back. Then we continue on the ground to free the organs and joints. The exercises are done by the principle of lateral diaphragmatic breathing and balance dynamics.
Posture is crucial, therefore it is corrected by the teacher constantly so that you will achieve an ideal position in 10 sessions.
Gradually, as you progress, you'll be able to reach a new level or return at any time to the base for some revisions.

The work of this method is the rhythmic breathing and feelings in your body, with an alignment between the psyche and soma "body and mind."

The more you progress the more the rhythm of the exercises are emphasized. Strength, power and flexibility are the benefits of this original method.

With what frequency should you do Pilates?
It should be regular to reach successful results. One or two sessions weekly contribute to an ideal program. 

Centering the power house. How does it work according to the Pilates Method ?
The transverse muscle is the most profound of the large muscles of the abdomen.

Does the Pilates method relieves neuralgias?
Yes, regular gentle exercise in synergy with the breathing, neuralgias fade or disappear.

Concerning diseases, the synergy between client, doctor and teacher is crucial to target the problems holistically. This method provides a straight posture and a natural alignment

The Pilates method is it recommended for pregnant women?
Especially if the mother has previously practiced Pilates. An appointment is required in advance, to give information to the teacher on the evolution of the future mother.

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