Passionate about her job, her approach combines rigor, dynamism and empathy for the participants.

Eli began doing sport at the age of 4 years. As a teenager she asserted her qualities as a sprinter competing in national athletics 100m and 4x100m.

It is the dance however that takes the lead very quickly, in a national conservatory.
She studied successively classical, contemporary and modern jazz with renowned choreographers.
To complement, she enjoys sailing, diving and mountain climbing in the Alps, the Andes and the Himalayan.
 Due to her sports experiences, Eli then becomes aware of the potential benefits of Pilates as a basis for her coaching.
In 2003, she obtained her certificate in Pilates with IFAS with Manon  and her diploma as Personal trainer FIFAS
Through this Eli completed numerous training courses with innovative teachers within this domain. She continues each season to participate in seminars in France, the United States, as well as working with sports doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths.
She harmoniously combines sporty eclecticism, paramedical sensitivity, technical Original Pilates, and fluid choreography.


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