Profits of the method
Essentials to our unique approach are: prevention health / wellness, the progressive control of your body, muscle strength, overall flexibility, suitable/ideal posture, natural body alignment.

• Increases flexibility of muscles and joints
• Lengthens and strengthens the body, the muscles do not shorten and become bulky 
• Promotes good posture correcting coordination, balance and body alignment
• Stimulates the respiratory system. Better oxygenation of the blood and the release of endorphins facilitate the reduction of stress and its disorders
• Facilitates the recovery of certain disorders of the musculoskeletal
• Contributes to the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis
• Enhances athletic performance
• Allows you to control weight problems. In addition to a balanced diet, all the muscles of the body will strengthen harmoniously, and waist, hips and thighs will decrease
• Reduces back pain. Strengthening the abdominal, the lengthening of hamstrings and better control of posture result in the correction of lordosis and self-magnification
• Participates in the treatment of certain injuries (muscle strains, sprains, joint enraidissements, shortness of hamstrings or Achilles tendon)
• Increases self-confidence and courage.

Who can benefit from the original method?

     - Truly for everyone, including; 
     - Every person obtains profits in the practice of Pilates. 

• Person sedentary
• Pregnant women (who practiced Pilates Method prior to pregnancy)
• Children from twelve years 
• Dancers, musicians and, artists of the scene 
• Persons suffering from the stress, the back pain, hypertightened, 
• Persons reacheby certain hurts of the musculoskeletal or spinal system (with the agreement of their doctor) 
• Seniors Persons 
• Encircled Women (having had a practice the Method Pilates) 
• Sportsmen in search of a holistic practice




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